Caretta Caretta
The Caretta Caretta turtle is a shy and private animal, which doesn’t like strange noises, bright lights or being touched. In order to observe them in their natural habitat we take you out in the boat early in the morning to watch them feeding on their favourite crab and fish diet. This one-hour boat trip is a truly unforgettable wildlife experience.

Nile Turtle (Trionyx Tringulus)
One of the main occupants of the Delta are the Nile Turtles (Trionyx Triunguis) freshwater turtle. These creatures can grow up to 1.20m in length with a flattened, pancake-shaped shell covered with a thick, leathery skin, soft shell. They have a snorkel-like snout and flippers, each with 3 massive claws. They mainly feed on fish, worms, molluscs, crabs and carion. The Nile Turtle can stay up to 15 hours under water without surfacing by using their lungs as well as absorbing oxygen from the water through their skin.