Ekincik Bay is an excellent place to relax and take a break for swimming and sunbathing. You sail down the river from Dalyan to the open sea. After passing the island with the hole through it, just off Iztuzu beach, we bear right towards the impressive bay of Ekincik. In snorkellers paradise there is a cave, where you can jump into the crystal clear water and snorkel through the cave to the other side, where the boat will pick you up again. In the cave, there is lots of underwater life and fantastic coloured rock formations. Once everybody is back on board, you sail on to another smaller bay.

Dalyan Ekincik Koyu

While the captain prepares your lunch, the boat is anchored to allow you to snorkel, swim or just stay on board and relax. After lunch, move on to yet another local bay, where you can experience diverse underwater life and enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery. Later in the afternoon, back to Dalyan.

Iztuzu Beach

Twelve km from the centre of Dalyan lays the five km long sandbar that juts out from the main land into the Mediterranean. This site was earmarked for development until it was brought to the authorities’ attention that it was one of the last nesting grounds for the endangered Loggerhead Turtle. A campaign with David Bellamy and a local woman Kaptan June (Haimhoff) was successful in stopping the development of Iztuzu Beach. Visiting times to the beach are restricted from May – September when the Turtles are nesting. From 08.00-18.00 are the open times so as not to interfere with the nesting habits of these Turtles. Sun beds and shade are available at the beach for small charge also cold drinks and snacks are served throughout the day. You can reach Iztuzu by Boat or Dolmus, the boat winds its way down the channel, through the rustling reeds to the open tip of the beach. The Dolmus travels lakeside through beautiful winding roads down to the Beach, this takes around 20 minutes, and the boat will take approximately 40 minutes. Both ways are worth seeing, each for a small charge